Rotary Club of Northern Guam Peace Memorial to mark 9/11

The Rotary Club of Northern Guam has been working on a peace memorial to honor all who lost their lives during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Photo shows two pillars symbolizing the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The club expects the memorial to be completed within a couple of weeks. Matt Weiss / Variety

Friday, 09 September 2011 02:49 by Zita Y. Taitano | Variety News Staff

THERE is an area at Two Lovers Point where residents can reflect on the sacrifices made on 9/11, courtesy of the Rotary Club of Northern Guam.

Not too far from the cliffline of the Harmon park is a site where two pillars resembling the twin towers stand. A large granite centerpiece will be placed at the base of the towers, depicting the Pentagon attack and the field in the Stoney Creek township of Somerset, Pa. where the fourth plane crashed. At night, beams of light will come out of the tower pillars.

Rotary Club of Northern Guam Peace Memorial produced by PR ENTERPRISES, INC

Chris Duenas, president of the Rotary Club of Northern Guam, said the non-profit organization wanted to put together the memorial to commemorate the people who lost their lives and the people who responded to the events of 9/11.

The project started a few years ago and is now about to be completed, thanks to various donors.

Duenas thanks the donors, Rotary members, friends and supporters who assisted in the project. Although they had plans to have the memorial dedication ceremony coincide with the 9/11 10th anniversary, a few delays required the ceremony be pushed back a few weeks. Duenas emphasized that the site is not just a 9/11 memorial, but also a peace memorial. Duenas didn’t learn of the 9/11 attacks until the morning after, but like everyone, he too was shocked. “The images are etched in your mind. You never expect anything that surreal. It’s still very unfathomable. I’m sure for most people, it’s a day they’ll never forget,” he said.

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